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Nigerian Neighbourhoods in America


Nigerians travel to or live in the United States for a variety of reasons, and the country offers many opportunities and experiences for Nigerians who choose to visit or live there.

Also, American cities have a long history of integrating migrants into their social, economic, and political infrastructures, which is why there is a growing population of Nigerians there.

So, whether you’re already living in the US or thinking of moving there, here’s a list of neighbourhoods that Nigerians live in.


Jersey City – New Jersey 

The city’s commitment to consulting, supporting, and collaborating with migrant organizations combined with the equal access to information and services they provide to migrants set them apart. Jersey City has a growing Nigerian community with several Nigerian-owned shops, such as African Queen Boutique. This boutique offers a range of African clothing and accessories, including Nigerian fabrics and traditional wear, and restaurants. If you’re craving Nigerian food, visit Wazobia African Cuisine. This restaurant offers a variety of African dishes, including several Nigerian dishes such as pounded yam, egusi soup, and akara.


San Francisco, California

California’s fourth most populous city, San Francisco, distinguishes itself based on its legal support and civic participation of its migrant community.

It also has a vibrant Nigerian community, as there are shops that offer a variety of African art and crafts, as well as African clothing, fabrics, and jewelry. If you’re craving Nigerian cuisine, visit Eko Kitchen. This restaurant serves authentic Nigerian dishes such as jollof rice, egusi soup, and suya.


Baltimore, Maryland 

Baltimore gets a perfect score for job opportunities, making it another great city for migrants to find jobs. There are several African immigrant communities in the city, including Nigerian immigrants. Many of them live in areas like Park Heights, Pimlico, and Randallstown, where they can find affordable housing and access to community resources.

Nigerian restaurants in Baltimore offer authentic Nigerian cuisine. They include; Iya Suku Suya Spot, Eba Cafe, and Mama Pauline African Cuisine.


New York City, New York 

New York City is famous for being the gateway for migrants coming to the US. It has a significant Nigerian population, and many Nigerian-owned businesses, including restaurants, grocery stores, and clothing shops. Restaurants to get Nigerian food include Ebe Ye Yie, Bashi African Restaurant & Bar, Buka, and Bashi African Restaurant & Bar.


Chicago, Illinois 

The local government leadership has dedicated itself to policies that promote financial empowerment and inclusivity within migrant communities, which is why the Nigerian community in Chicago is thriving, and there are several neighborhoods in the city where Nigerians have established their presence.

Nigerian-owned businesses have opened in the area, including restaurants, grocery stores, and clothing boutiques. Some restaurants here are Bolat African Cuisine/Iyanze, amongst others.


Houston, Texas 

Houston, Texas has a large Nigerian community and a significant population and there are several neighborhoods in the city where Nigerians have settled and established their presence.

These neighbourhoods are home to many Nigerian-owned businesses, restaurants, and shops. Houston is a welcoming and diverse city that embraces its multicultural community and celebrates Nigerian heritage.

There are also several Nigerian-owned shops and restaurants in the city that offer a wide range of African food products, including spices. Some include Mama Ti’s African Kitchen, Nkechi’s African Cafe, and Afrikiko Restaurant & Lounge.


Portland, Oregon 

Portland, Oregon, is a city located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and most Nigerians live here as there are several organizations and events in Portland that celebrate and support African cultures and they provide opportunities for members of the Nigerian community.

Several Nigerian stores in Portland sell a variety of Nigerian food ingredients, such as plantains, yams, palm oil, and spices. Goods, including food, clothing, and other items.

If you are craving Nigerian food, visit AKADIPDX. The restaurant serves local dishes, from fried plantain to jollof rice to groundnut stew, egusi soup, and fufu.


Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is home to a growing Nigerian community, with many Nigerians residing in neighborhoods like Flatbush and East New York.

It has a vibrant Nigerian community, with many Nigerian-owned businesses and cultural centers, such as Owa Afrikan Market, Iddo African food market, amongst others. These shops offers a wide range of African groceries and products.

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