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Authentic Yoruba story books

Authentic Yoruba story books sourced from Nigeria, with accent marks.

  • Great for those who are trying to learn the language.
  • Great for those who can speak but want to practice reading and improve their writing.
  • Great for native/fluent readers who are just looking for books to read in their native languages.

List of the 15 titles available below with translation of their titles. Descriptions / Synopsis of the books can be found once you select each book.

*Please note that not all books are suitable for children.  Please contact us at @ if you wish to enquire about the suitability of a book for your child with the child’s ages.


List of titles available:

*The translations are literal but cannot always capture the essence of the Yoruba words themselves.

  1. Ayé ń ṣerú è                   (The world does it / There is nothing new about it)
  2. Ọlọ́run ṣògo                   (God did the glory)
  3. Ọ̀rọ̀ kán dìtàn                (One word became a story)
  4. Adákẹ́dájọ́                      (One who judges silently)
  5. Ayọ̀ mí dé                       (My Joy has come)
  6. Bámidélé Ẹlẹ́wà Ṣàpọ́n
  7. Òkèlè Àkọ́bù                   (The morsel first served)
  8. Ojú rí                                (The eyes have seen)
  9. Ọmọ láṣọ                          (Children are wealth)
  10. Ògbójú ọdẹ nínú igbó irúnmọlẹ̀
  11. Alẹ́làgbà                           (The night is the eldest)
  12. Apanilẹ́kún Jayé             (One who makes people cry to enjoy his life)

*Please note that due to their age, some of these books may have a few marks and stains but are brand new and generally in good condiition.


We do not currently offer a refund for items unless they are defective. If you have an issue with your order, please send us an email at or and we will be happy to assist you. You will have to cover the cost of postage back to us. If a return is approved, the refund will be minus the cost of initial postage to you.


Additional information

Book Title

Ayé ń ṣerú è, Ọlọ́run ṣògo, Ọ̀rọ̀ kán dìtàn, Adákẹ́dájọ́, Ayọ̀ mí dé, Bámidélé Ẹlẹ́wà Ṣàpọ́n, Òkèlè Àkọ́bù, Ojú rí, Ọmọ láṣọ, Ògbójú ọdẹ nínú igbó irúnmọlẹ̀, Alẹ́làgbà, Apanilẹ́kún Jayé, Akanni Olu Omo

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