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Sunshine State


Ondo is a state located in the western part of Nigeria. It was established in 1976, carved out of the former Ondo province which was part of the erstwhile Western state. It shares borders with Kwara and Kogi to the north, Edo to the east, Delta to the southeast, and Osun and Ogun to the west.

The Ondo Kingdom is a traditional state with a history spanning 500 years, finds its roots in Ode Ondo, where its capital resides. The inception of the Ondo Kingdom can be attributed to Princess Pupupu, one of the twins born to Alafin Oluaso. Princess Pupupu’s mother was Queen Olu, who eventually passed away at Ile oluji.


Ondo Town thrives as a trade hub, nurturing commercial crops like yams, cassava, grain, tobacco, and cotton. Cotton plays a pivotal role in crafting Aso Oke fabric, a vital cultural textile used locally.

Palm products thrive, including oil and kernels for export. Ondo excels as Nigeria’s leading cocoa-producing state. Traditional trades encompass pottery, cloth weaving, tailoring, carpentry, and blacksmithing.

Cultural Heritage

Ondo, an ancient territory linked to the Yoruba heritage, stands as a living repository of culture and tradition. There are over fifty-three celebrated traditional festivals in Ondo state.

The Yoruba people of Ondo State, Nigeria, commemorate the Ogun Festival yearly. This event pays homage to Ogun, a revered warrior and spirit associated with metalwork. According to Yoruba belief, Ogun was the first deity to descend to Earth.

Odun Aje festival in Ondo city is literally referred to as a festival of the goddess of wealth and fertility.

Every year, the Opojis, female Chiefs, lead the Odun Aje festival in Ondo city. This event occurs on the eve of Odun Moko, a unique festival by the Udoko community held in November. During Odun Moko, women stay away from public view.


Tourist Attractions

Idanre Hills

Idanre Hill stands out as Ondo state’s top tourist spot, drawing numerous visitors. Situated in Idanre town, it’s a captivating natural wonder and among Nigeria’s most exquisite landscapes.

Igbo Olodumare

Nestled in Oke Igbo, Ondo State, South-Western Nigeria, Igbo Olodumare is a mystical forest. This enchanting woodland is said to host mythical beings, and the stream within is believed to possess supernatural abilities that safeguard the village from malevolent forces.

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