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Premium Course Package (Intermediate Course + One to One lessons)

The premium course package includes the modules mentioned below but offers you 4 (1 hour) one to one session to accompany your independent studies. You can schedule these lessons at your convenience, you can choose to have the lessons once a week whilst you’re going through the course, all at the beginning to lay the foundation for the course or all at the end once you’ve completed the course to clarify any questions you may have developed whilst taking the course.

Once you have booked this course, I will be in touch to provide you with information on how to proceed with booking your lessons.

The course

On this course, you will learn more than just the basics and start getting into the more technical aspects of Yoruba, it goes further beyond the Beginner’s course and delves into the more complex sentence construction.

The modules that are included in this course include;

  1. The alphabet
  2. Numbers
  3. Basic sentence starters
  4. Greetings and everyday conversations
  5.  Introducing yourself and Meeting people for the first time
  6. Places and Transportation
  7. Pronouns and Connectives
  8. Verbs

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to hold decent conversation and have expanded your vocabulary with the verb module and the pronouns and connective module will provide a more clear understanding of the main difference between sentence construction between Yoruba and English.

There are Lesson materials, and practice sheets to test your knowledge and ensure you are on track.

You can send emails/enquiries before, during and after you have gone through the course, either about the course itself or any issues you might have had.

The course price is £250 and should take you about 12-14 weeks to complete depending on how much time you can dedicate to it.  Remember to watch the course videos over and over again to master the topic.

Alphabet Module

22 minutes
Alphabet Quiz
4 questions

How much do you know??

Number Module

Numbers – Lesson 1

Basic Sentence Starter Module

Basic Sentence Starters – Lesson 1
24 minutes

This Lesson focuses on 'I am' the different ways we use it in Yoruba and the rules surrounding its usage.

Basic Sentence Starters - Lesson 2
16 minutes

This lesson looks at the different ways to say 'I have' and I usually and the rules surrounding them.

Basic Sentence Starters - Lesson 3
18 minutes

This lesson includes I can, I will, I like, I want and I know and all the rules surrounding their usage.

Basic Sentence Quiz
4 questions

How much do you know?

Greetings and Everyday Conversation Module

Greetings – Lesson 1
20 minutes

The first lesson in the Greetings and Everyday conversation Course.

Sub topics:

  • Greetings
  • How are you
  • Responses
  • The 'Emi na' Rule
Greetings – Lesson 2
Greetings – Lesson 3
14 minutes
Greetings and Everyday Conversation Quiz
4 questions

How much do you know? Have a go and find out!

Introducing Yourself Module

Introducing Yourself - Lesson 1
15 minutes

This video covers asking for peoples name, where they come from and where they live.

Introducing Yourself - Lesson 2
14 minutes

In this video, we go through how to ask someone for their age, their job, arranging to see/ meet up with someone, speaking to older people and adressing people.

Meeting People for the First time Quiz
4 questions

How much do you know??

Places and Transportation Module

Places - Lesson 1
Places - Lesson 2
Places and Transportation Quiz
4 questions

Pronouns Module

Pronouns – Lesson 1
Pronouns - Lesson 2
Pronouns - Lesson 3

Connectives Module

Connectives - Lesson 1
Connectives - Lesson 2
Connectives - Lesson 3
Connectives - Lesson 4

Verb Module

Household Verbs - Lesson 1
Household Verbs - Lesson 2
Everyday Verbs - Lesson 1
Everyday Verbs - Lesson 2
People Verbs - Lesson 1
People Verbs - Lesson 2
People Verbs - Lesson 3
Things Verbs - Lesson 1
Thing Verbs – Lesson 2
Miscellaneous Verbs – Lesson 1
15 minutes

Looks at all of the verbs that are not about the household, people, things or regular day to day verbs.

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