May 10, 2021

Yoruba Traditional Weddings

Introduction Yoruba Traditional weddings are usually the 1st wedding out of 3 weddings that Yoruba couples engage in, before the white and court wedding.   It is called an ‘Engagement’…
March 1, 2021

Naming Ceremonies

Introduction Yoruba naming Ceremonies are held 8 days after the child is born and the child is named using a name of items to prophesy into the child’s life. This…
January 2, 2021

How The Yoruba Language Came to Be – Bí ède Yorùbá ṣe ṣeẹ̀dá

This is the story according to a Yoruba tale of how language came to be in short picture form. Do let me know how your language believes language came to…

These lessons have greatly grown my confidence and strength in Yoruba! I would absolutely recommend for complete beginners or those looking to grow in their learning.

Temi OtedolaFantastic Tutor!

I am learning a foreign language. My excellent teacher makes sure it is NOT foreign to me.

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I'm gaining confidence in speaking Yoruba and appreciate how I am challenged yet supported by the teacher.

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She is so patient and understanding. I am enjoying it!

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I have always felt as an African American English wasn't my natural language. My teacher makes me feel confident and welcomed to learn my mother tongue. Best language experience ever!

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The learning experience was much more than I expected. Professional and efficient.

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