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Course 6: Verbs

About the Course

The Verbs course is a course that details as many Yoruba Verbs as possible and how you use them in Various sentences. The verbs primary focus is on the verbs so assumes a basic understanding of sentence creation. The verbs course is split into 5 modules

  1. Verbs to do with people
  2. Verbs to do with things
  3. Verbs to do with the household
  4. Verbs to do with regular activities
  5. Miscellaneous Verbs

Each Module then has a number of lessons to get through totalling 10 videos. Please take your time with the courses, watching it over and over and of course feel free to contact me or book a one on one to go over whatever you’re not certain off. This course comes with a study material and a quiz.

No. We have included as many verbs as we can into this course but it cannot include every single verb.

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Enrolled: 5 students
Duration: 2.7 hours
Level: Intermediate
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