Course 3: Introducing Yourself and Meeting People For The First Time

About the course

This course takes you through how to introduce yourself when you first meet people and also the kind of questions you can ask people to have a preliminary conversation with them when you first meet them.

Introducing Yourself – Lesson 1
15 minutes

This video covers asking for peoples name, where they come from and where they live.

Introducing Yourself – Lesson 2
14 minutes

In this video, we go through how to ask someone for their age, their job, arranging to see/ meet up with someone, speaking to older people and adressing people.

Meeting People for the First time Quiz
4 questions

How much do you know??


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Duration: There are 2 lectures in this course.
Lectures: 2
Video: The course is 29 minutes long in total.
Level: Beginner
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