Friends together bundle (we want it all)


Just like the name suggests, this bundle caters to a wide variety of products on our website.

Available for a group of four friends, it goes beyond the ‘friends together bundle’ to provide even more products for an amazing price.

So, learn and rock all things Yoruba from us!


  • 4 mugs (Yoruba sayings as well as, customisable mugs available)
  • Vocabulary flashcards – physical (1)
  • Omo Yoruba T-shirts (two white, two black)
  • Carved wooden keychains (4)
  • Alawiiye books (all books in the series)
  • A dictionary of the Yoruba language (1)
  • A Yoruba to English dictionary with Grammar Basics (1)
  • Ankara earrings (8 pairs of £10 earrings)
  • Ankara Satin head ties (4)
  • Waist beads (4)
  • Elegant Yoruba birthday greeting cards (4)
  • Complete study materials + aides pack (digital)
  • Ankara print bum bags/waist bags (2)

Note: some of the products may be more appealing to a female group of friends


Products in bundle subject to availability.

Certain orders may take longer to arrive if ordered on ‘backorder/pre-order’.

Note: These dictionaries have been brought over from Nigeria and I cannot guarantee that there won’t be a few marks/scuffs on the jacket of the book. The insides are brand new and very neat.


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